Recipe | Fluffy Scrambled Egg Sandwich



When I was growing up, the one thing that my dad could for sure cook, without any issues, for my brother and I when my mom was working early in the mornings, was eggs. Eggs, eggs, and more eggs. I have this memory (who knows if it's accurate or not) of my dad making eggs for us every morning for like a month straight. It's probably pretty accurate. After that long stretch of daily sunny side up eggs I was off eggs for awhile. Then a few years ago, I made myself an egg wrap for breakfast but there was an egg shell in it and I got super sick. Then I was off eggs again. When I was pregnant, I could not even go near an egg. Cracking eggs for pie shells at the bakery pretty much made me gag. Fast forward to now when I can suddenly eat eggs again. I think it started when I started making eggs for William and I was like "I should totes eat myself some eggies. I bet I'd stay full longer!" And guess what, I did stay full longer! 

My especially favorite way to eat those eggs? Scrambled with ricotta cheese and lots of flavors mixed in, sandwiched between some delicious Ezekiel 4:9 Bread. Seriously guys, it is so good. Like so so good! There is a ton of fresh flavors in this sandwich and loads of protein, it's basically the perfect breakfast sandwich that will fill you up for hours to come (and if it fills someone like me up, and I eat like every other hour, it will fill you up too). 




Fluffy Scrambled Egg Sandwich
Yields: 1 sandwich          Prep Time: 5 minutes          Cook Time: 10 minutes          Total Time: 15 minutes

1 egg
2 (heaping) Tbsp ricotta cheese
1/2 tsp roughly chopped fresh parsley 
dash of garlic salt
2 slices Ezekiel 4:9 Bread
optional: butter

1. In a small bowl whisk together egg, ricotta cheese, parsley, and garlic salt. 

2. Toast the bread.

3. Heat up a small skillet and spray with cooking spray. Once the spray is hot pour the egg mixture into the skillet. Using a spatula, move the mixture around to scramble the eggs. It will take less than 5 minutes to cook the eggs so don't walk away.

4. If you'd like, you can butter up both sides of the toast. Then, place the cooked scrambled eggs on one side of the bread and then close the sandwich.


Mother's Day Gift Guide | New Mom



Mother's Day is fast approaching and whether you're a husband trying to figure out what to buy for your wife or a friend who wants to treat a fellow mom, there are a million gift options out there, it can get a little overwhelming. But not to worry my friends, I have a series of gift guides for every mom, coming your way over the next few weeks. Today's gift guide is for the new mom in your life. For that mom with a one or two month who is at home more than out in the world and nursing just about every two hours still. Every mom deserves to be pampered, but these new moms deserve a little extra loving on Mother's Day. What are you getting for the new mom in your life?

1 // Snacks - try a NatureBox subscription
Especially if the new mom is nursing she is going to be hungry, like all of the time. Bring her food and you will have her heart forever. Chocolates are great but obviously healthier snacks are always better (I mean nothing is better than chocolate but you know what I mean).

2 // Lotion - try Philosophy's Amazing Grace Lotion
This lotion from Philosophy is not only moisturizing but also has a clean, fresh scent that's not too strong so it won't bother mom or baby, it just makes mama feel a bit revitalized.

3 // Journal - try this floral journal
It's cliche but babies grow so fast and you don't want to miss one little thing, even those middle of the night spit ups. Get a journal for mama so she can record all of her memories forever.

4 // Face Mask - try Lush's Fresh Face Mask
These are my favorite face masks. You buy it fresh from your local Lush shop and then keep it in your fridge in between uses. Keeping it in the fridge keeps it chilled so as soon as you put it on your skin it immediately feels revitalized. The seaweed mask linked above is soothing and smoothing, perfect for new moms to give themselves a few minutes of pampering.

5 // Book - try Bebe Day by Day
There are so many books for new moms and parents but they can get a bit dry. Try looking for a more modern book like Pamela Druckerman's books.

6 // Bath Bomb - try Lush's Big Blue Bath Bomb
A relaxing bubble bath is perfect for relieving sore muscles and getting a few moments of peace. Throw in the bath bomb linked above and "lay back and sail away to shores of uncluttered thoughts, softer skin and warm, blue seas."

7 // Spa Gift Card - try The Spa at Hotel Hershey
My kid is ten months old and I still haven't had the opportunity to have a spa day and it's much needed. A gift card to the Hershey Spa is on my wish list, they have chocolate spa treatments.

8 // Necklace - try this Nestling Birds Necklace
This is an adorable necklace for a new mom because with each kid you add another little baby bird on the branch. So sweet!

9 // Mug - try this Threshold mug
Fill up a mug with tea (see below) or coffee (see below) or snacks (see above) for the perfect Mother's Day combination gift.

10 // Tea - try this Forever Nuts Herbal Tea
Herbal teas are the perfect gift for new moms to help them relax and calm down those postpartum hormones. I love any tea from David's Tea but the one linked above called "Forever Nuts" just sounds perfect for any mom.

11 // Bracelets - try an Alex and Ani Bangle (this or this)
Start or add to mama's collection of Alex and Ani bangles but picking her up a bangle with either baby's initial or birthstone on it. I have one with William's birthstone and love it! I was trying not to get sucked into this trend but they really are beautiful and versatile bracelets.

12 // Spa Socks - try Bliss Softening Socks
I adore spa socks. You know, those soft but fuzzy socks with grippy bottoms that make your feet feel all soft. The socks pictured look so luxurious. For a more affordable option, check out Bath & Body Works.

13 // Loose Top - try ModCloth's Tusk Act to Follow Top
I am still living in pretty, flowy, loose tops. I still have some baby weight to loose and it just feels much more comfortable for me to wear shirts like the one pictured. Plus, they are great as nursing covers.

14 // Kindle - try the original Kindle
When my son was first born and nursing every two hours day and night the only thing that kept me awake and semi-sane was reading. But it can be tricky, especially when you're exhausted, to hold open a paper book so I found reading on the Kindle app on my iPhone so helpful and convenient. But if mama doesn't have an iPhone or wants a larger screen, try getting her a Kindle. Tip: there are tons of free e-books on Amazon's website, even good mystery books, I don't think I ever paid over $4 for a book when I was reading exclusively on the app.

15 // Coffee - try Starbucks' VIA caramel iced coffee
This is a pretty obvious need for moms. I personally can't handle caffeine because of my anxiety but I've chance it a few times just so I could keep my eyes open. Instant coffee obviously isn't as good as real coffee bur I lived on these VIA coffees during the one year of college I attended because it was quick and cheap.

16 // Body Scrub - try hellomellow body scrub
Sometimes moms only get 5 minutes to themselves while in the shower so something to make them feel a bit luxurious. The hellowmellow revitalized scrub looks heavenly.

17 // Magazine Subscription - try Redbook
Magazines are great because the articles are short and easy to read so if mom gets pulled away, she won't forget where she was or be (too) frustrated for getting interrupted.

18 // Flowers - try scheduling flowers from Bouqs
Who doesn't love flowers? They bring the outside in when you can't get outside too often and just look so pretty. How about those white tuplids pictured above from Bouqs?! So pretty!

Happy Lists | fifteen


| Life Happy |
* consistently warm weather!
* William is walking like he's being doing it for years
* grill-able dinners
* I can get William to sit perfectly still for five minutes or longer with VeggieTales: League of Incredible Vegetables
* finally getting my pantries organized
* landscape/yard planning
* William is sleeping better. He's still up many times but not every two hours

| Other Happy |
* this is one of the best c-section related posts I have ever read and the author didn't even have one herself
* check out this devotional from my favorite app, She Reads Truth
* it's so cool that this is the only thing that survived a fire in Lady Antebellum's tour bus
* you can sign up to get information on the launch of my new e-workbook, Hope Faith Healing 2.0 an updated version of the original
* I really want this t-shirt
* I'm planning on making a light box like this one, have you made one before?

check out Happy Lists number fourteen | thirteen | twelve |

Survey + Giveaway



Fun fact: Whenever I go to type "survey" I always add an "r" before the "y" making it "survery." I'm not sure why, apparently my brain thinks that would sound way cooler. With that being said, I have a survey that I would really appreciate for you to fill out. I'm working on making my monthly newsletter so much better and I can't do that without your help and input!

But there's an incentive.

If you fill out the survey, you are automatically entered to win a giveaway for a custom garland (like this one) made by me! The giveaway is open until Monday, April 27th when the winner will be chosen and notified via email. 

So pretty please help me out, and in exchange maybe you'll win a pretty new garland for your house!

Take the survey here.

Why I Stopped Making Homemade Baby Food



When I first found out that I was pregnant I had all of these plans for how I could be the perfect mom. I was going to sew adorable little t-shirts and ties for William and make all of my own cleaning supplies and make all of William's baby food. All of those plans were made when I was six or seven week pregnant, before all of my symptoms started. By eight weeks I was exhausted. I would go to work then come home and sleep. The entire first trimester I was so nauseous and had so many food aversions that all I could eat was cheese and crackers. I started to beat myself up because I wasn't starting to sew little baby blankets or puree and freeze baby food for the future. By the time I finally had the energy to start making baby food there was only a few weeks until my due date. 

Since I didn't have time to pre-make and freeze all that much baby food before William came I just decided that I would make it after he came, that would be a fun activity to do while he was napping or during those unmobile stages. Then I had an unplanned c-section. And my kid decided to start being somewhat mobile at like four months old. Once William started the first stage of eating solids I had maybe three or four different types of foods pureed and frozen for him. I quickly ran out of food and had to buy his food from the grocery store (insert sarcastic gasp).

I started beating myself up that I didn't have enough homemade baby food on hand. But that was ridiculous! I wasn't failing my son just because I didn't puree the carrots he was eating and bought them at the store instead. There wasn't any difference between what I was buying at the store and what I was making at home. The grocery store stocks multiple brands of organic baby foods at affordable prices. "Giving in" and buying the food from the store ended up saving me so much time and stress. Out of all of the things that I already had to be stressed over, William's baby food was not something that needed to be added to the list.

Not only did buying his baby food save me time and stress, it also gave William the chance to try many different foods that I never would have even thought of mixing in with his foods. Not only would I not have thought to mix in some of these foods, I wouldn't even know how. William has tried foods like quinoa and amaranth and chicken. I would not have one clue about how to go about pureeing chicken. 

So mama, I give you permission to buy baby's food from the grocery store. There is nothing wrong with buying it. You are not failing as a mother just because Pinterest says that you have to make every single thing from scratch. I promise that your child will not know the difference. Do what is best for you and your family! 
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