Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving // 2014

Cranberry jello cut out in the shape of a turkey is a tradition from my great grandmother that we still participate in today, despite the fact that only two of us even like cranberries.

William got to sit in his high chair for the first time! My parents were kind enough to buy it for him so that we could use at their house for Thanksgiving and then take it home with us. I picked out a pretty styling high chair and he didn't seem to hate it.

He wasn't so into his bananas today...

William was quite obviously the star of the day. How was your Thanksgiving? What did you cook/bake?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Family Photos // 2014

A few weeks ago we had our family photos taken by my wonderful friend Marisa, who also did my maternity photos last spring. And again, Marisa did such an amazing job! We took all of the photos in an hour on the first seriously cold (and the windiest) day this fall and William became grumps halfway through the session. But somehow she still gave us over 100 photo and they are all beautiful, it was hard to choose just a few just this post. We took the photos downtown at Musser Park and a few around the corner on the street. Which one do you think I should choose for our Christmas card??

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Mini Thanksgiving

Last night I prepared a "mini" Thanksgiving meal for Seth and I to enjoy. I set up a simple but  cute table centerpiece and halved some delicious Thanksgiving recipes, making a more appropriate amount for two people. William just happened to sleep while we ate dinner so we were able to eat dinner with just the two of us. Which was nice because William was quite the chatterbox yesterday and as cute as that is, it was nice to have some quiet. 

For our dinner I made roasted sweet potatoes with pomegranates (inspired by), stuffing, turkey breast made in the crockpot (inspired by), cream cheese garlic mashed potatoes, bacon cheddar green bean casserole (inspired by), and then of course some pumpkin pie.

William then woke up literally as we were just finishing up dinner so Seth did the dishes and I fed Mr. William some applesauce.

Then the pie. My favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal. I am so proud of myself for making this delicious pie. It was the first time that I have ever made a pie. I know, weird. I've made thousands of pie crusts when I worked at the bakery but I've never made a complete pie on my own at home. I am pretty pleased with the results. I wasn't super impressed with the crust recipe that I used but the filling, amazing.

Tomorrow we'll have Thanksgiving at my parents' home, since they are moving next month this will be the last holiday in the home that I grew up in. Then we'll head over to my dad's dad's house later in the day for lunch leftovers and to visit since most of that side of the family has either only met William once and some people haven't met him at all. For my parents' meal I'm making sweet potato casserole, homemade cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, pan-seared brussels sprouts with cranberries and pecans, and caramel apple crumble pie. What are your Thanksgiving plans? What are you cooking??

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pine Cone Place Card Holders + FREE Printable

This is the first holiday in our house where I have actually felt up to cooking and decorating. I was pregnant for all of the holidays last year and forget about eating last Thanksgiving, I had way too many aversions. I plan on making up for lost time but putting together a beautiful, cozy Thanksgiving dinner table....for Seth and I. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I will be cooking a "mini" Thanksgiving dinner for just the two of us and then we will go to my parents' home on Thanksgiving day for the last holiday in my childhood home since my parents move the week before Christmas. Anyway, while Seth and I enjoy our little Thanksgiving for Two, William will get to eat a sampling of applesauce, squash, sweet potatoes, and green beans. Those are all of the Thanksgiving-y foods that he's tried so far. Despite the fact that it will only be two of us at our home for dinner, I still plan on decorating just because it will be a lot of fun. 

It's probably silly but I am going to put those adorable pine cone place card holders on our table for Seth and I. Maybe next year I will get to host our family dinner and it will make more sense to have these cute little place card holders out on the table. These place card holders are super easy to make and only take a few supplies.

Craft Pine Cones
A Sharp Knife or Blade

First, download and cut out the place cards. If you're artsy or have nice handwriting, you can write the names right on the cards but if you're like me and have terrible handwriting and fail at hand lettering, you can type up the names using a pretty font. Print the cards on cardstock and cut on the lines.

Then, using your sharp knife, carefully make a slit on the top of the pinecone. It doesn't need to be super deep, just enough to hold the place card.

Put the placard in the previously cut slit and you are good to good. See, easy! Place on your table and enjoy their adorableness!

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Are you decorating? If you make these pine cone place cards or use the printable place card template in any way, share it using #littlecitycrafts.
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