Find Me: Social Media Links

You've successfully found my blog so naturally we should be friends elsewhere on the interwebs.

Pinterest. I probably spend most of my time on this form of social media. As you can see in the screenshot I have over one hundred boards and over seven thousand pins and counting. My OCD has even found it's way into Pinterest, I've manually alphabetized every single board and have completely redone my boards multiple times. They are currently to my liking but who knows, in a week I may change my mind. Some of my favorite boards include: design, floral arrangements, {food} desserts, and living rooms.

Twitter. Twitter is something that I've recently really gotten into as a way of networking with fellow bloggers and promoting my blog. I have absolutely loved getting to better know my fellow blogging buddies through this quick and concise way of communicating and connecting.

Facebook. I'm not going to lie, I'm not very good at using Facebook to promote my blog. That's something I've got to work on. I'm great at promoting it on my personal Facebook page but there's something different about my blog page, at least in my head. Bleck. I'm just not very good with

Instagram. So I love Instagram but I'm usually trying to take a photo too quickly, spur of the moment, and things don't end up too lovely. Mer. I'm trying to learn to slow down and take my time with it. I have started promoting my blog on Instagram and find it quite fun.

Bloglovin'. Want to stay up to date with my blog and keep it in one spot with all of your other favorites? Then Bloglovin' is the answer for you. It's easy to use and you can follow any blog that you'd like and every update will show up on your feed. So, please follow me on Bloglovin'. Please.

What's your favorite social media site? How do you promote your blog on social media? Let me know the answers, so we can help each other out! 


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