Floral Inspiration

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Although chilly today, it is gorgeous outside and it has me itching for the springtime. My favorite thing about spring/summer are the flowers. Even though they tend to make my eyes water, I still love and need to have flowers around the house 24/7. Today I thought I would share a little floral inspiration with everybody and together we can dream about warmer weather. What are your favorite kinds of flowers? I love, love, love peonies and I'll always love the simplicity of daisies (I had a pet cat growing up named Daisy Diamond so they remind me of her as well). I'm thinking this year I may plant some succulents as well! Don't worry folks...I'll blog any floral adventures that I have this year. Follow me on Instagram, once the warmer weather starts I'll have fresh flowers in my home every week and I'll post photos there. Here's to warmer weather!



  1. I absolutely love fresh flowers. I have especially been loving succulents as well. I will definitely be planting some this year too!

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

    1. I found some cute little white ceramic vases at Target in the dollar aisle...they'll be perfect for simple little sprigs of flowers. So excited!