Weekly Menu Planning + Pantry Storage

Welcome back to my weekly edition of Weekly Meal Planning! I'm so glad you could join me on this disgustingly rainy day. I braved market this morning in the rain and patchy fog to pick up all the goodies needed for our meals next week. I love walking around market. Especially alone. It's kind of my chill time even though I have to bob and weave around tourists. I treated myself to a smoothie and bagel for breakfast while I scouted things out, picked out everything on my list, and also bought myself some new teas: Blueberry Herbal and Chamomile (both loose leaf). I was able to get all of my fresh foods at market but still had to hit up Target to complete my shopping list. When I got home, I was in the mood to organize and decided to pitch all of those ugly pasta containers and the bags that my quinoa comes in from market and switch to a prettier and reusable method of storage: mason jars.

Most of the items that I put into mason jars were half-full boxes of pasta noodles but I also put potato chips, pretzels, and local-made granola into jars as well. It makes my pantry looks much more organized than the multicolored, bendable, ugly boxes and bags that everything usually comes in. 

My goal with making meal plans is to eliminate food waste as well as eat healthier, more balanced meals. For all of our lunches next week we will be packing leftovers and worst case scenario you saw how huge that jar of quinoa is that I have, I'll be set for meals if any of the recipes are flops. For breakfasts I'm going to chow down on that amazing granola (pictured earlier, above) either with yogurt or soy milk and with some pretty strawberries that originally come from Florida but I bought at market. I'm also going to make some quinoa muffins for snacks and breakfasts. On Monday I am making spinach and artichoke stuffed shells (based on this spinach and artichoke lasagna recipe) because baby loves artichokes. I cannot get enough of them. Tuesday is my day off so after brunching with my best friend I'm going to come home and make foccia to go with that night's and the next night's dinners. On Tuesday I'm pairing the foccia with a quinoa corn and edamame salad (with cubed chicken mixed in for Seth) and on Wednesday the yummy bread will be paired with vegetable minestrone soup which I may make on Tuesday as well and save it for Wednesday since I never know what time I'll get off work. Thursday I'm kicking it up a notch (ha) with buffalo chicken pizza on whole wheat crust (based on this recipe for buffalo chicken french breads). Friday I'm trying an interesting recipe for Mexican skillet pasta, the idea of making a Mexican dish with pasta seemed interesting to me. Finally on Saturday we are having breakfast for dinner when I make pancakes. I have yet to choose a particular pancake recipe to use but I've got all the ingredients for basic ones at least. Sunday will now be known as leftover day in our home, that way nothing goes to waste!

What are you cooking up this week?



  1. I think its great how planned out you have every meal! It makes the week much easier for myself when I have it planned out.

    1. Yeah with the first trimester of my pregnancy it took everything in me to eat anything at all so now that I'm eating again I want to make sure I'm eating healthy portions and healthy foods. Planning it out is the only way I can do that. It also saves a ton of money at the grocery store because I won't just buy whatever looks good

  2. Woah, look at you! So organized. I can never manage to do that, but I think it is especially tough since I still live at home and don't really control that kind of thing. I really just need to get my act together to cover breakfasts, lunches, and dinner two nights a week when I have class those evenings. I just need to put the effort into actually planning and preparing... Sigh... The mexican pasta looks yummy!

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

    1. I had the same issue when I was commuting and living at home last year. I had a mini fridge in my room at home but it was still hard to really eat and organize things how I wanted to. It's so much easier when you have your own place...except now I keep changing things around like every week and I've completely reorganized the kitchen a countless number of times. ha Maybe I'll do a blog post on organizing kitchens in rentals since I couldn't do all that much to customize things. Anyways, you should totally just get a notebook paper out and organize your meals/snacks...it'll save you solo much time and money in the long run!